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Investment Managers

Our actively managed investment strategies are available to other Registered Investment Advisory firms.

Why other investment advisors should consider us.

  • Documented performance in live accounts

  • Use of short-term mean reversion methodology

  • Tactical investment models that adapt to changing market conditions and are updated every two weeks

  • Mathematical (quantitative) approach designed to minimize the emotional aspects of investing

  • Historically low Beta and non-correlated with trend-following strategies

Two Available Methods

There are two methods used in order to provide these strategies to investment advisors. 

Managed Accounts

One method we use is managing sub-advisory accounts. Our primary custodians are TD Ameritrade and Nationwide Advisory Solutions (formerly Jefferson National). It is most efficient to stay within the framework of these two custodians. Fees charged will vary based on amount of assets being managed and the work that is being provided.

Signal for Charges

A second approach is to provide a signal to a trading desk and have it executed by the investment advisory firm. Again, fees charged will vary based on amount of assets being managed with the signals provided.

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