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  • How did you start?
    Reppond Investments, Inc. was founded by Ben Reppond to advise clients on selecting investment opportunities that we believe are most appropriate for each investor and based on the client’s risk profile and goals. He formed the firm to achieve a level of independence as a fee only fiduciary. His goal is to be completely objective in his advice and not be influenced by commission-based securities or products.
  • Where are you located?
    We are proud to say that the Flathead Valley in Montana is home to Reppond Investments, Inc. See below for our address and a map.
  • What type of research did Ben do?
    Seeking consistent investment returns with low downside risk may seem easy, but it is difficult to achieve. It took many years of disciplined study and research to develop strategies with the goal to achieve consistent returns while minimizing risk. In his research, Ben found many differences between the thinking and strategies of the traditional financial advisors and those who manage money for the wealthy. In light of his findings, he narrowed his focus to the some of the methodologies used by the wealthiest investors. In his study, he looked for confirmation of thinking among those investment managers with the best reputations and who were using best practices. He then had software built to validate his ideas until, in his view, the soundest and most risk-averse strategies emerged.
  • What is a Fee-Only Fiduciary Advisor?
    Reppond Investments, Inc. operates under a Series 65 fee-only fiduciary license. This means two things. One, this license only allows Reppond Investments, Inc. to charge a fee that is disclosed up-front and is not able to charge commissions or use commission-type investment products. This benefits the client since commissions eventually get paid by the client. Two, a Series 65 license legally requires that Reppond Investments, Inc. put the client’s interest ahead of its own.
  • What services do I receive?
    Reppond Investments, Inc. utilizes an active approach to managing money and growing wealth.. We consider a person’s goals, tolerance for risk, time horizon, and how best to use tax-free or tax-deferred type accounts. The client’s account is monitored on a continual basis to determine how much of the client’s assets should be exposed to the market, based on several criteria. The purpose of this is to attempt to optimize performance and minimize risk. Clients get access to reporting software that allows them to monitor their accounts in a manner that is easy to understand and is up to date. Finally, clients have access to Ben Reppond during normal business hours to be able to talk with him about their individual situation, their account, or the markets in general. He has owned and sold several companies and is also willing to give counsel based on his business experience. Clients report that they appreciate being able to access Ben’s YouTube videos and listen to his economic and market insights.
  • How do you get paid?
    Reppond Investments, Inc. only charges a fee based on assets under management and does not use commission-based products or accept commissions of any kind. The maximum fee is 1.5% per year – and can be lower based on amount of assets being managed. Make sure that you are working with a “fee-only advisor” who is not compensated by any form of commissions. The industry is clever about disguising various ways of making money from client assets – both implicit and explicit. We recommend that you review the disclosure documents (Form ADV 2) that are required to be provided to every potential client of a registered advisory firm.
  • Are there any hidden or deferred fees or costs?
    No. There are never any hidden or deferred fees or costs. The only way we are compensated is based on the explicitly stated fee structure stated above. We do not use or recommend any products that are commission-based in any form. This approach allows us to maintain a fiduciary only license.
  • What is your minimum size account?
    Our minimum size account is $250,000 per household. On a case-by-case basis, we will consider taking clients with fewer assets. We realize than many investment advisors use much higher minimums, but we have chosen to keep our fees low and our minimum investment low because we want most people to be able to have professional and impartial investment management available to them.
  • How will our relationship work?
    The client will receive a monthly report (via video). Ben also shares his view of the past and present market conditions – plus his view of what will likely be the drivers of future market conditions. Clients are encouraged to contact Ben with any questions or concerns. He wants to talk with clients about and changes in their circumstances, willingness to take risk, and changes of their goals.
  • What custodians do you use?
    Reppond Investments, Inc. uses two independent and nationally recognized custodians – Charles Schwab and Nationwide Financial.
  • What tax hit do I face if I choose to work with you?
    Reppond Investments, Inc. uses active management for managing client assets when those assets are part of an IRA or Roth IRA. Investment gains are shielded from tax if they stay within the IRA. Therefore, there are no taxes due when client accounts experience a gain, and the assets stay within the IRA or Roth IRA. When the Nationwide tax deferred flat-fee annuity is used, taxes are also deferred – even if the client account experiences investment gains along the way. When money is withdrawn from the annuity, the gains are taxed first. The amount the client started with (the basis) is never taxed when it is withdrawn if the client is over age 59½. In other words, the gains that a person has in their account under either of these structures is either completely tax free (with a Roth IRA) or is tax deferred and is not taxable in the current tax year, as long as the assets stay inside these structures with these custodians. Investment management in taxable accounts should be discussed considering the client’s circumstances, goals and risk tolerance.
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