Investment performance matters

How much risk you take matters.

You’ve worked hard for your money over the years. You’ve diligently planned and earned every penny, but now it’s time to take next steps so your assets work for you. Investing your money in today’s market may have your head spinning; consider these three questions that we believe really matter:

How much did you earn?

Over what period of time?

How much risk did you take?

At Reppond Investments, Inc., these questions are the focal point of what we do. We believe wealth preservation is possible with investment strategies with a goal of producing consistent and positive growth. We educate our clients on risk-averse investing and offer proprietary portfolios designed to grow assets while protecting them as much as possible in all market conditions.

We believe that properly designed and executed active investment management is the key to investment growth as well as lowering downside market risk. We publish the real-time performance of all of our strategies and invite you to check them out.

How We Can Help

Reppond Investments, Inc. is an independent Registered Investment Advisor. As such, we are legally bound by law to give you advice that is 100% in your best interest and to put your interests ahead of our own. There are hundreds of thousands of financial advisors nationally, but only a small percentage are bound to give you advice that’s in your best interest. They are known as Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and trustees – fiduciary financial advisors that adhere to what’s known as the fiduciary standard. This standard requires financial advisors to provide advice that’s 100% in your best interest. All other financial advisors are not required by law to do what is in the client’s best interest

Individual Investor

How do I minimize downside stock market risk while participating in its upside? Every answer seems to be imperfect. An investor or an investment advisor can attempt to minimize that risk – but risk can never be eliminated.

Investment Manager

Our actively managed investment strategies are available to other registered investment advisory firms. There are two methods used in order to provide these strategies to investment advisors.


As an employer, it is important to hire a fiduciary retirement plan investment advisor who is knowledgeable in 401(k) plans and who is dedicated to helping you and your employees get the most out of their retirement plan. Our actively managed investment strategies are available to other registered investment advisory firms. There are two methods used in order to provide these strategies to investment advisors.

See Our Approach

to Lowering Investment Risk

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The Process

1. Complimentary Consultation

We take time to understand your current situation, goals and priorities so we can help grow your assets. This can take an hour or several hours. The purpose is to get to know who you are and how best to meet your goals. This is complimentary and there is no obligation to move forward after our meeting.

2. Investment Analysis

As your financial advisor, we analyze and discuss the risk you’re currently taking for your expected returns. We think it is helpful to first know where you have been – what kinds of investments you have and how well they have performed from both a risk and return perspective.

3. Portfolio Design

As your financial advisor, we design portfolios that best meet your goals by seeking to optimize rate of return and minimizing downside market risk. 

4. Follow-Up Monitoring

You’ll receive monthly performance reporting as well as support and continuing education to build confidence and stay on track for your goals.


For Every Stage
of Your Life

We do our own independent, in-depth, in-house research for all of our investment strategies. This allows us to provide an approach tailored the needs of the individual client designed to help them best meet their investment objectives. We analyze many types of investments and investment approaches, allowing our clients to benefit from our objective and unbiased research and advice.

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