How We’re Different


Reppond Investments, Inc. is a privately owned investment advisory firm. We are not affiliated with another company, and our business model is not built on any requirement to sell certain financial products. This model is structured differently than models used by most other financial advisors. Most advisors are expected to sell their company’s proprietary investment and insurance products. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor registered in the state of Montana, Reppond Investments, Inc. is able to offer the independent advice and solutions that our clients deserve.


We do our own independent, in-depth, in-house research for all of our investment strategies – whether they are passive (buy-and-hold) or active management. This allows us to provide an approach tailored the needs of the individual client designed to help them best meet their investment objectives.  We analyze many types of investments and investment approaches, allowing our clients to benefit from our objective and unbiased research and advice.

We always seek to answer this single question: What is the best way to lower stock market risk and still participate in the upside of the market?

Does your current advisor does their own research or is it provided by a third party?
Are you able to verify that the advice you are receiving is independent and objective?


Reppond Investments, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). As such, we are dedicated to and required by law to act in the clients’ best interest. We do not sell products (i.e., commission-based mutual funds, insurance, annuities, etc.), nor do we receive trail fees, “back-end loads”, deferred commissions or referral fees from any third party. This means that we are mandated to always place our clients’ best interests above our own.


Our management fee is disclosed upfront. Investment returns are reported after all costs and fees are deducted. Our fee structure is based on a flat percentage of the assets under management. Therefore, the better you do, the better we do. This partnership matches our objective – to have a long-term mutually beneficial relationship as your investment advisor.
Do you know what you pay your current advisor? Many advisors are compensated through commissions, mutual fund loads, or other fees which are expensive and difficult to understand. Is your advisor’s compensation disclosed upfront or is it partially or fully hidden?


We monitor our clients’ portfolios on a daily basis. In addition, we provide monthly reports to each client on the status of their accounts. We are always available for client-initiated phone calls and e-mails throughout the year and will meet with each client as often as they ask.

How often do you personalize communication from your current advisor?
Do you know how often he/she monitors your investment portfolio?


We use Blueleaf automated data reporting software as a tool to communicate our clients’ performance (net of fees), account balances, holdings and allocations with all of their accounts and with most of their custodians. This allows clients to import data from other investment advisors or custodians in order to compare them, and this gives the client a more comprehensive view of their entire investment portfolio. Account performance is compared to standard industry benchmarks and data is updated daily. Clients are provided with login credentials and are able to access this information at any time.

Do you know how your current investments are performing? Are you able to view and compare invested assets with multiple custodians in one place?

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