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I teach investors what I learned about how to protect their money from downside stock and bond market risks after spending over 10,000 hours in research.

Ben Reppond, Founder and CEO of Reppond Investments, Inc.

Ben’s Journey

Ben Reppond, Founder and CEO, retired from a decades-long career in the employee benefits field where he focused on helping individuals and corporations protect themselves against known and unknown risk.  After selling The Reppond Company, he sought financial counsel for his own investments.  He spoke with the investment managers with the best reputations in the field and with the some of the most well-known investment firms in the Seattle area.


Essentially, Ben was advised by those firms to invest in various stock market products, which exposed him to excessive risk.  And there, in 2007, at the height of the market, the stock market began its 17-month descent and the S&P 500 dropped 56%.  Ben had not invested in the stock market, as he had been advised, and, in retrospect, that sure turned out to be a good decision!


After observing the stock market collapse of 2008, Ben began researching one important question: What can be done to help protect investments from stock market risk while still participating in the upside of the market during more favorable market conditions?


Ben persevered in researching that particular question for five years, during which he spent over 10,000 hours hard at work to uncover and develop the methods that would address that one important question. Ultimately, he developed risk-averse portfolios designed for investors with different levels of risk tolerance.  He currently utilizes the Conservative Growth Strategy for his own investments.


Ben formed Reppond Investments, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory firm, to bring these same risk-averse portfolios to other investors who share his concern about asset protection, but are looking to grow their assets.

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