Scientific Approach to InvestingHow do you lower your investing risk from a more scientific and strategic perspective? At Reppond Investments, Inc., these questions are the focal point of what we do. We believe wealth preservation is possible with investment strategies that carry a goal of producing consistent and positive growth. By conducting true analysis and doing our own research, we place our clients in investments that are in their best interest, not ours or someone else’s. Everything we do is based on hard research.

We would like to offer you a resource that may help you in your investments.

Here’s a complimentary download of “Forecasting the Next Recession”. It’s a Predictive Model that forecasts a recession in late 2019 or 2020 – and what that likely means for the stock market in the next 24 months.

Scientific Approach to Investing
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[i] S&P 500 Index as of November 28, 2017,